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Creating a Postpartum Sanctuary: The Essential Bedside Cart for Homemakers

Today, we're diving into a topic close to the hearts of new mamas and homemakers alike—the art of crafting a thoughtful and practical postpartum sanctuary. Those precious days after welcoming a new bundle of joy can be both magical and demanding. To make life a little easier, I am about to introduce you to a brilliant solution that every homemaker should consider: the postpartum bedside cart. This mobile, organized wonder is your key to seamlessly navigating those early days with your little one while keeping your space both functional and nurturing. Have you heard of the 5-5-5 rule? Once you have a baby you should spend 5 days IN the bed, 5 days ON the bed, and 5 days AROUND the bed. This helps with your recovery, connection with baby, and so much more! Today I am sharing with you everything I am putting in our postpartum bedside cart!

Let's start with the top shelf -



Lotion for baby

Deodorant (those postpartum sweats are reaalll)

Water bottle

Basket of Snacks

Magnesium goodnight lotion

Post-natal vitamins


Portable noise machine

Glow in the dark pacifiers

Dinosaur lovey toy

The middle shelf is everything related to breastfeeding-

Breast pump

Milk Bags

Haakaa / Ladybug milk collector

Silverette Cups

Reusable breast pads

Nipple Cream

Extra Nursing Bra

The bottom shelf is all things for baby-

Extra swaddle blanket

Muslin burp rags

3 extra onesies

2 extra sleepers

You can get the links for EVERYTHING found in my postpartum bedside cart HERE.

Remember that when you welcome a new baby into your home, your role as a homemaker is more significant than ever. Your home is the sanctuary where your family bonds, nurtures, and grows. While it's vital to focus on your little one's well-being, it's equally important to prioritize your own. Take time to heal, ask for help, and cherish these precious moments. Welcoming a new baby is a beautiful and transformative journey, and your home is the canvas where you'll paint the first strokes of a lifetime of love and memories. So embrace the chaos, the sleepless nights, and the sweet baby cuddles, and know that you're crafting the most incredible masterpiece of all—your family's story. Happy homemaking mama.


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