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Creating a Raised Garden

We created our garden beds a few months ago and I have gotten SO many questions on how we built them, how we filled it, etc... I knew I wanted to make one more so I figured I would share a step by step guide on how I created our raised garden! They are so easy to make and a garden is such a great thing to create! Our kids love taking care of it and watching their food grow!

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Things you will need: (per garden bed)

Building your bed:

Step One: The first thing you need to do is work your ground. Plan out where your garden is going to go and start digging it up a bit. When you are filling it you want to be able to mix some natural dirt in with your soil and mulch.

Step Two: Take one of your 4X8s and cut it in half.

Step Three: Attach your 4ft boards to the ends of the 8ft boards making a rectangle. Secure together using a nail gun.

Step Four: Put your garden bed where you want it and start to fill!

Filling your bed:

Step One: Dump in three bags of soil, use a shovel and mix together with the natural dirt you worked up earlier.

Step Two: Add one bag of mulch and one more bag of soil. Mix together. Once your bed is full, rake everything so it is all level.

Step Three: Plant whatever you have planned for your garden bed! These can be seeds or little sprouts. Be sure to label so you don't forget what you planted in what spot! I love these little labels!

Step Four: Take a handful of mulch and put it around each sprout. (Mulch will help keep moisture in and your plants cool, especially in the hot AZ summer!)

Step Five: Water!

Have you created a garden this season? What are you planting right now?

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