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Toy Organization When You Have No Playroom

When we moved into our house, one thing I had to decide was where on earth we were going to keep all of our kids toys! With no playroom or den, our only option was going to be their bedrooms and the living room. I knew I didn't want their toys scattered all over the living room all the time. I wanted something that fit our decor style but also practically stored the kids toys.

I will disclose that our kids don't have a ton of toys. I am sure we have way more than some and way less than others. We try to follow the rule that when a new toy comes in then we have to donate a toy out. There is only so much space for toys in our home. We have found that they really only play with certain toys anyways, so we would rather them have a few favorite toys over a bunch of toys that never get used. Plus- the less toys, the quicker the clean up. The majority of their toys are stored in the living room, but we do let them have a few toys in their bedroom.

In Adalynn's room she has her books, reading chair, play kitchen, and a small basket by her bed for all of her stuffed animals. This is the bow holder she has and these are the bookshelves!

Carter has his books, teepee, and his cubby. In his cubby he has dinosaurs, trains, legos, and cars. We also keep his extra sheets in one of the bins. His cactus rack is from Hobby Lobby and this is his bookshelf!

So for the majority of our toys we keep in this cube organizer! It was the perfect solution! It is cute but also practical! It fits in our living room perfectly and hides their toys just enough! You can find Carter's fox chair here and Adalynn's unicorn chair here. The thankful sign is from Feather and Birch and you can find our faux fig tree here!

On the top shelf we have a few glass jars that hold their crayons and markers. My baby wrap is also in the last jar because I use it almost every evening when making dinner! These are the jars we have!

On the second row we keep their bigger toys: Their bead roller coaster, music drum kit, retro record player, books, and puzzles.

Our favorite books are The Little Engine That Could, Thank you God for Daddy, Little Blue Truck, and Peek-A-Boo Animals! Their bible is this Beginner's Bible! The majority of our books are purchased through ThriftBook! They are an online website that sells used books in various conditions! Not only is it way cheaper then buying new books, but buying used books is an excellent way to reduce waste since so many books get tossed or donated every year!

On the bottom two shelves we have these wicker baskets. At first I was bummed out we only got eight baskets, but they aren't cheap and ultimately I think eight was plenty! This left two rows on top for their bigger toys.

We try to keep the baskets organized, but honestly they are usually all mixed up again within a few days. When they are organized, we organize them as follows:

Stacking blocks and Baby rattles/toys, Bigger baby toys, Adalynn's toys like her purse and tea set, and all of their dolls!

The bottom row is organized by:

Toys relating to animals, puppets, blocks and stacking train, misc toys such as their Buzz Lightyear, stacking bins, and shape sorter ball.

There are endless different ways to organize your little one's toy collection, but this is what we have found to be the best for our family! I love having the storage cube because at the end of the day, every item has a home and I know our house won't have big bulky toys all over the floor. How do you organize your toys?

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