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10 Things to Pray Over Your Kids

Parents! I am talking to you- are you listening? We need to be fervently praying for our kids. In a world that is determined to distract your children and lead them astray, it is more important now more than ever to be on your knees for your kids. It is never to early to be praying for them, their spouses, etc. I highly encourage you to study your kids. Find out what areas they thrive and what areas they lack, their strengths, their weaknesses. Pray for those personal things that only you can bring to Jesus for them. If you are looking for ideas on what I like to include when you are praying for my kids, check out these 10 ideas below-

1. That they accept Jesus as their savior

I pray that they choose to follow Jesus and know the deep love he has for them. That they would make Him the most important thing in their lives and serve him as their Lord.

2. That they stand firm in their beliefs

This world can be cruel. This world can be tempting. I pray that they stand firm in their beliefs when they are tempted to stray. I pray that they stand firm in their beliefs even when it isn't "cool" or if they are persecuted for it. I pray they know that with God, they can withstand anything that comes their way.

3. That they have a kind heart and brave spirit

I pray that they are kind to everyone they encounter, but that they are brave enough to stand up for themselves. That they are brave when it comes to their faith, their decisions, and their actions.

4. That they be a light

I pray that they shine the light that God has given them. That they radiate the love of Jesus to everyone they meet. That they make a difference in this world and bring others closer to Jesus.

5. That they use their talents

I pray that whatever talent or ability God has given each of them, that they use it to further his kingdom and serve him. I pray that they don't let fear or comparison stop them from using it.

6. That they are strong & courageous

There are so many times Jesus commands us to be strong and courageous. I pray they know that God is with them wherever they go, so they can be strong and courageous to do what is right.

7. That they choose friends wisely

I pray that they surround themselves with Godly influences and friends that truly value one another.

8. That they are protected

I pray that God keeps them safe mentally and physically. That no matter where they go, they are protected.

9. That they find someone who shares their values to share their life with

I pray that they find a Godly spouse. Someone who is patient, kind, and puts you above all else. I pray that their love endures every hardship, tragedy, and trial that comes their way.

10. That they have peace

I pray that they would not be anxious. That when things go wrong they turn to Jesus and that He will fill them with the peace and understanding that comes only from Him.

What are some things you like to pray for your kids?


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